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Environment and Quality Policy

RUA PAPEL. We take care of the environment for the future generations.

Defines it's Environmental and Quality policy as such:

Accomplish the appliable requirements

Accomplish the environmental and quality legislation, ruleset and requirements

Clearly know the requirements, demands and expectations of all of our clients contributing to the continuing upgrade of the SGC.

Spread in all of the levels of our structure the established goals and criteria of quality and environment

Implant the system indications and follow-up of the progress level, which allows us to know and secure the service and guarantee expected by our clients

Design processes that reduce environmental impact in it's activity of services

Minimize the contaminating emissions and the production of waste to conserve resources, and impede accidental emissions of substances or energy.

Transmit our quality and environmental policy to all of our providers and clients

Develop the continuous forming programms according to the needs of our internal and external clients, and the information about the environmental aspects of recycling

Impulse and concieve the interactive character of all of the organizing structure

Foment and achieve a good atmoshpere for all of the company's members and the sense of responsibility in relation to the quality and environment.

Concieve the continuos upgrading process in the elaboration of all of the activities performed in our company.

Develop our organization coherently to give appropiate answer to the current and future situation of the market