RUA PAPEL. We care about the environment for future generations

RUA PAPEL GESTION defines its Quality and Environmental Policy as follows:

  • Complying with applicable requirements.
  • Complying with the legislation, regulation and requirements of quality and environment.
  • To have a clear understanding of the explicit demands, requirements and expectations of all our customers, contributing to the continuous improvement of the QMS.
  • Disseminate the objectives and criteria of quality and environment established to all the levels of our organization.
  • Implementing the system indicators and monitoring the level of progress of the same, so that we can know and ensure the service and the guarantee required by our customers.
  • Designing processes that reduce the environmental impact in its activity or services.
  • Minimising pollutant emissions and waste production to preserve resources and prevent accidental emissions of substances or energy.
  • Communicate our Quality and Environmental Policy to all our suppliers and customers.
  • Developing continuous training programmes in accordance to the needs of our internal and external customers, as well as information on the environmental aspects of Recycling.
  • Promote and consolidate the interactive nature of the entire organizational structure.
  • Promoting and achieving a good atmosphere for all members of the company and the sense of responsibility in relation to quality and the environment.
  • Consolidate the process of continuous improvement in the development of all activities undertaken in our company.
  • Developing our organisation coherently in order to respond appropriately to the current and future market situation.